Frequently Asked Questions

The motorboats are custom and feature my ape?

That’s right! Each motorboat is individually crafted from your selections and features an animated version of your ape. This isn’t your grandma’s generative project.

Will certain traits be more rare?

Some traits will be more rare but that will be determined by which options are used more frequently.

What is the difference between custom and fully personalized?

The custom boats are made from the selections available in the order form. Fully personalized boats start with a consultation and can feature custom colors and designs. Fully custom also includes the potential use of other NFTs owned by the customer. For example, if you own a Cool Cat or other NFT that grants you IP rights then that NFT can be featured in the boat wrap or flag design.

Can I feature my BAKC in my animation?

Yes, you can feature your doggo in the place of the "cargo" option for your motorboat animation.

How long does the delivery process take?

Pizza Later's elite team of ape mechanics will assemble your motorboat as quickly as possible and we will do our best to get it turned around in less than 48 hours. Please keep in mind that each is hand made and requires time to create and export. Orders are filled in a first come first served basis.

How are the motorboats delivered?

After the final animation has been created you will be contacted directly by Pizza Later and a private sale will be arranged via OpenSea. Each private listing will be available for a few days so that the purchaser can find a good time to purchase and avoid high gas prices.

What happens if I order my boat and then decide not to purchase it via the direct OS listing?

If you've placed an order accidentally or decide you no longer want it please contact us as soon as possible. If your boat is created and then not purchased then we reserve the right to publicly shame you via all available social media platforms.

As a boat owner do I have full IP rights to my boat animation?

Of course! Feel free to remix your animation, add music or anything you can think of! It's yours!

I still don't get it. Let me speak to your manager...

Pizza Later can be contacted directly on Discord. Please direct message Pizza Later#5539 for more information.